Teaching English To My Kids


 Being a working mother is not easy. Being a teacher and a mother is a real challenge. Sometimes my kids grumble to me about my job. They complain because I spend too much time working for other kids. They complain when they get lower marks from English and say I never do anything for them. However, I’m sure you all experience the same thing with your kids, sisters or little brothers that they never study with their mothers, fathers or elder sisters ( my younger sister used to do that )

Anyway I promised them we will do something for their English this summer. Maybe you had heard before that they also complain about my blogging, twitter, etc but they are also very curious about all these things. Finally, on Saturday we started with vokies. It was a miracle. My daughter was never willing to do anything for more than 10 minutes with me but she really liked creating characters and wrote about their lives. She created several vokies and emailed me. Instead of playing games, she spent a lot of time recording her voice and listening to it. My son is not as eager as she is but he also tries one or two. Then I decided we should have a blog for our summer work and then I created a new blog for three of us. I will write the posts and share the things they create. I hope we will manage to work till the end of this summer.

Do you have any suggestions for a helpless mother to engage her kids and teach english to them? I’ll be happy to hear them.

My blog, my toddler, my journey …

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Eventually My Journey in TEFL is celebrating her 1st birthday in blogosphere. I’m so glad that I started blogging.

I believe September is a very lucky month for me. I’m not going to reveal everything but many good things in my life all started in September.

Everything started last year on 5th of September with Ozge Karaoglu’s introduction to web 2.0 tools and blogging and I decided to be online.

I started my blog but I didn’t actually know what I was going to write.I just added some sites and some wrote some simple ideas.Then I decided to write about things I loved doing in the class, I had just tried with my students. Those were the days I also started twitter. These two looked so combined together. Days passed and I heard some voices. I got support from an online community I had just participated. They retweeted my posts, left comments and they followed me back on twitter and I found out I had already started to have my own PLN.

Twitter and blogging started changing my teaching life. I found myself in a constant professional development which enabled me to collaborate with teachers around the world. All these social-media things gave me the chance to speak my mind, share ideas and have friendly chats with my PLN.

Twitter also helped me to meet members of my PLN in real life. I now have friends from all over the world whom I know I can rely on whenever I need guidance.

If you aren’t on twitter,  if you aren’t blogging,  if you don’t believe they are useful for your career and if you have come across with this post via google search, please consider it again.

If you join,

You may receive a book that you need from a friend from Brazil. You may be invited to Yorkshire for teacher workshops. You may join a project of a friend living in another country. You may start a project with another friend in another country. You may give your students a chance to have a real conversation in English with real people using skype. If When you aren’t online for a couple of days, you may even get a message from a friend who doesn’t even know you wondering where you have recently been.

If you are blogging and if you are on twitter, you already know the privileges that we have. Thank you for the support…

Chaos on my blog

Well, I’m not happy with the look of my blog. I used Blue Zinfandel Enhanced by Brian Gardne which is very modern,simple and easy to look and read. However, I wanted something more energetic and decided to make a change.

Changes are sometimes very good and they save us. Don’t we change our hair colour or hairstyle when we feel depressed, bored or can not find anything to change in our lives so I changed the look of my blog and chose Notepad Chaos by Evan Eckard. It is lively, energetic and cute but now I find it too chaotic. I don’t want to change the appearance of my blog once a month. Yet I feel this one is not for me so for the last time (I hope) I will change it.

What I want:

three columns: but most of the themes I like have 2 columns so I think I’ll choose one of them.

colour: I want a white or pale white look. I find black difficult to read. However, some black themes are just gorgeous.

something like a notebook: yay but some themes are so beige which is not something I want for my blog.

personal: I must love it and it should say something about me. (I don’t know what, though)

Anyway, if you are reading this post, it means that I have finally found what I’ve been looking for and will keep it.

ps: and at last it’s ready… but I feel like I look for a different colour lipstick for a long time and back home with what I’ve already had…

My homework part 2

coffee As I said before, I really enjoyed this blog reading task partly because I love doing homework 🙂 and it allows me to discover more.

 If you like, make a cup of fresh coffee and do some extensive reading.

I’ll start with Murphy’s Law for EFL teachers from Natasa’s blog. Natasa Bozic Grojic writes how things may go wrong in a class when a teacher prepares really cool things for her class.

Denise Ozdeniz has just started blogging but she is one of the greatest teacher trainers I have had. Giving Presentations and Workshops is full of useful tips.

You can read What Now: Staying on top of your game by Bethany Cagnol if you are not sure what to do to stay on top of the game.

10 goofy ways to practise speaking skills. is a wonderful post from Berni Wall’s. One of my favourite posts werealso from here, Using Modal verbs Part One and don’t forget to read Part 2.

To be continued ….

For more hidden gems, visit The PLN Staff Lounge.



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I’ve been experiencing wonderful things recently. First, my friend Janet Bianchini tagged my blog as a blog which is worth reading. It was fabulous. I was thrilled.

When I started blogging in September, I wasn’t sure what to write. However, when days passed and when I realised my posts were being read, I just wanted to continue.

I write about my thoughts, lesson ideas and I share the stories, poems my students create. 

The next good thing that has happened to me is that my blog has been nominated in the Lexiophiles Top 100 Language Teaching Blogs 2010.

It was a big surprise for me. I really feel flattered, happy, …I can’t express my feelings with any adjectives. On this list there are fabulous blogs. The blogs that  inspire me, the blogs that guide me. To be there with them is a great honour.

I learn loads from them.

They are my PLN,a priviledge for a 21st century teacher.

If I compare my blog with theirs, this blog is like a toddler trying to learn to walk .

I don’t know who else nominated this blog but from the comments I know that one of them is Marisa Pavan and I really want to thank her for that.

PS   This post is not  written to ask for votes. It aimes to share how proud the writer of this blog is … As proud as a parent who witnesses her kids’ first steps.

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