Baamboozle is a tool that allows you to create games for your classes. The tool is very easy to use. It is free so just sign up and start creating your game for your class. You can also use the games existed on Baamboozle. Browse the library and choose the most suitable game to play. You can assign different point values for each question depending on the difficulty of the question. You can edit later. You can make your game public or private.
You can use the games to warm up, energize your classes. You can review or introduce a new topic. It can be used as an assessment tool. You can create games for vocabulary and grammar revision or reading comprehension.

What I liked most?
The players don’t choose from the options provided by the teacher. They must produce their own answers. Study mode permits the students to revise before the game.

Once you are ready to play you can divide your class into teams and then choose the game option and play.

Google apps you may want to use in the next term

We all know that while working on projects, flipping our classrooms using Google apps are great such as the folder, presentation, form and the spreadsheet but if you check, you will find more for your own needs.

These are the ones that I’m planning to use next year

Google templates you will find a suitable template for anything you are planning to use, even a lessom planning one.

Loupe Collage  is a tool that allows you to create a collage of your photos with the shapes you choose  is another easy to use mind mapping tool you can add to your Google drive.

Powtoon  is a very versatile and fun way to create presentations.

With simplebooklet  you can create booklets easily choosing a suitable template for your work.

A collage of TESOL France 2012 conference photos created with Loupe Collage


A presentation I used in one of my workshops for using web 2.0 tools