5 Fun Sites for Young Learners


Starfall itself is an amazing site but if you click on this link, you will be taken to an amazing list of activities and games. All About Me  is a fun game on starfall that your young learner will create a character and hear how to say the words.

On toytheatre.com you can find games, stories and some tools to write and create stories, even print or save them on your computer. I especially loved the crossword puzzle page where the learners can play a word game by sliding the crossword bars up and down and left to right to exchange letters 

Roomrecess.com is focused on providing children with free educational games. The students can choose a game on vocabulary, reading or math. They are really fun to play. 

Learn English Kids  is a secure environment for the kids and has lots of free online games, songs, stories and activities to have fun and learn English.

English for Young Learners  is a site where you can find free fun learning resources on reading, listening, speaking and writing.jelly beans for faves

5 Cool Literature Sites You May Want to Visit This Year


VirtualLit is an awesome site any teacher or a student who is interested in literature will love very much. VirtualLit is a step by step multimedia tutorial for a number of poems, novels, short stories and plays.

Teaching Literature is a wiki dedicated to teaching literature. It is actually the companion website for Teaching Literature to Adolescents,  by Richard Beach, Deborah Appleman, Susan Hynds, and Jeffrey Wilhelm. The website is organized according to Chapters and Generic categories. When you click on Chapters, you will find LinksActivities, and Further reading.  When you click on Generic categories you will find Links related to different aspects of teaching literature.

Another Teaching Literature site is full of links for your interests and can be bookmarked for future projects.

Britlit is one of my favorite sites which I visit very often during the academic year. Britlit is a literature project and each BritLit resource kit has downloadable, printable materials to help teachers using literature in the English language classroom. You can use Britlit kits for very young learners, teens and adults.

Story Toolz is an amazing site and a tool to play with literature. You can use the story idea generator to start writing a story. All you have to do is take the three conflicts presented to you and ask the standard who, what, why, when, where, and how questions.You can also use the random conflict generator or half title generator to find an interesting title for your story.


“The Great Gatsby” Class Resources


There is a buzz going on about The great Gatsby. It’s of course because of the new Gatsby movie. I’ve seen so many links and resources on twitter, interest recently. Then I just remember I also have some resources for the novel.

My The Great Gatsby resources

A pre-reading animoto

Research before reading


a web Quest

An interview on Jazz Age and The American Dream

A cool site I recommend tudents to watch 

My student’s blog post

An awesome PBL product on Jazz Age and Roaring Twenties (cross-curricular)




Just came across with these on the web via @curriki on twitter.

Edutopia’s Bringing Web Tools to Gatsb’s Party

Lots of resources on Curriki

I know that soon I’ll watch the new version of The Great Gatsby but I know that my favourite Jay Gatsby will remain the same, Robert Redford

Links, links, links…

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It’s a very quiet Sunday for me today. Nobody is at home and I’m with my laptop and I’ve bookmarked loads of great sites so far.

My number #1 is Max My Dream which is also became a fave for Ana Maria Menezes and she blogged about it. You will find her post very useful as she also suggests how to use it with your students.

Wonderopolis ” Wonders is a wonderful site for both teachers and students. You can learn really interesting things everyday and get a link to a lessonplan on the topic.

oneword.com when you click on the link and access the site you will see how simple it is to use it. When you click on ‘GO’ you will see a word and will have 60 seconds to write about it.

I came across with popplet through Alexandra Fransisco’s blog. It is a platform to share your ideas, create galleries, record thoughts, collect inspiration.

If you like using poetry in your class, Visit Instant Poetry Forms.

Tools and Sites to Teach and Learn Vocabulary



Some more useful sites for teaching, learning and practising vocabulary

Puzzlemaker at Discovery education enables teachers to create puzzles,

You can create flashcards using Flashcard maker from Scholastic.com

Spelling wizard is also a great tool to help self study or enables teachers to create spelling scramble and word search

At SuperKidsVocabulary Builders, you can easily create puzzles, wordsearch or play games and learn new words.

Vocabulary.com is a great site to learn and teach vocabulary.

OneLook Dictionary enables you to access definitions from different dictionaries.

Flickr related tag browser is great. You type the word you want to search and see flickr images and related other words and images too.

ClassTools.net is a wonderful site to create flashcards, games, diagrams, puzzles.

Vocabulary and Spelling City is another great site to play with words.

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