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Reading Activities Spiced up with Web 2.0


‘My students don’t read the books I assigned.’ Isn’t it a problem for many of us? If only they could realise how much they would improve themselves when they read. How about motivating them with fun activities? When they find something interesting, they will love it. In this session we will look into some fun activities to be used with class readers, short stories or novels.


The session aims to focus on the importance of reading in our lives. How stories are important for us. We can’t experience many lives but through other characters we can learn many things. Thus, reading enables us to see the world with different eyes.

Our students are surrounded by too many stimulants.  The only way to catch their attention is to challenge them.

Inthe second part of my talk, I will introduce web 2.0 tools. The participants will see how I use web 2.0 tools with reading based projects. These tools will enable our students to have a real audience. I will also share my students’ projects.

Why do I want my students to digitalise the stories:


Projects of my students and my introductions

Pre Reading activities

My animoto as a pre reading discussion starter for The Great Gatsby

My poster for a quick web quest

My introduction for the Grapes of Wrath

An interview in the street

Another web quest with wallwisher

A dictogloss with google search stories

Assigning a task with google search stories

While and After Reading Activities

A Book Review as a blog post

A Day’s Wait an entry written from Schatz’s point of view

Waiting for the Police, a biography ( Mr Penbury)

Summary and quiz for Gift of the Magi

Gift of the Magi adaptation to 21st Century with bookr
Christmas Massacre by Karin

Chapter summaries for Jamaica Inn

Book reviews, posters, word clouds and animations for About a Boy

posters, poems, interviews for The Fun They Had

Fakebook page of a fictional character (The Landlady)

The Landlady

Animation based on the Eveline adaptation of the students. Eveline in 21st century.

Projects for The Grapes of Wrath

Presentations for our Comenius project- The magic of reading, The power of discovering ourselves

More ideas on this blog

Fun with Class Readers 1

Fun with Class Readers 2

Fun with Class Readers 3

Reading Challenge


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