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This is the 3rd and the last post of graded-reader-ideas. If you want to add another activity to this list, I will be very happy.

21. Tell students to list all the interesting words, phrases and expressions or all the new words, phrases and expressions from the book and create a word cloud, a mini-dictionary or a power-point-presentation, etc with these words.

22. Tell them to write a letter to the writer. They will inform the writer what they did in the class with the book and tell him/her about their reactions to the story/characters, etc.

23. Divide your students into groups. Tell them to create a trailer for the movie of the book.

24. Tell your students to adapt the story to the year they live and write the summary of this adaptation. You may want to remind them that time difference can make huge differences on the plot.

25. Using one of the online tools, create a timeline showing the events in the story. If they want they can draw and illustrate the timeline instead of the online alternative.

26. Create a new book cover, write a blurb for the cover.

27. Write a poem about the story and create a glog.

28. Tell your students to analyse one of the characters and write a list ’10 things I want to do before I die’ for their character and in the end of the list, they should persuade the teacher and the classmates that the character would really like to do those things.

29.Tell them to summarise the book, using as many different web 2.0 tools as they can. Show them Janet Bianchini’s An Idiomatic Love Story created for her IATEFL talk, if missed have a look at her blog

30. Tell them to create a brochure or a poster, titled ‘I read a book and I learned …..

Some examples of my students :

The Grapes of Wrath

The Great Gatsby

About A Boy

About a Boy 2011

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image taken from here

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