Fun with Class Readers 2

11. Tell the students to choose one of the characters and write about his/her life 10 years from the ending of the story.

12. Tell students to create a quiz on the story. They have to include vocabulary questions, comprehension questions, discussion questions, etc

13. Ask them to create a word poster of the book and display on the classroom walls.

14. Pair your students and tell them to write or record an interview with the writer of the book. They can even create an animation instead of recording themselves.

15. Tell them to write a 5 sentence summary of each chapter and create a glog, poster with illustrations or magazine cut-outs.


16. A classic but Tell students to prepare a wall display. On this poster, they have to include the character analysis, or the character they like the best and the least, book review or summary.

17. Tell students to find a song for each chapter or you may ask them to find 5 songs for the whole book. They can find the suitable songs searching batlyrics.

18. Divide the students into groups and tell them to retell the story with a rap.

19. Watch 60 second Recap with students and tell them to do something similar to it.

20. Tell students to choose a character and write that character’s biography.

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