April 22nd 2011 archive

5 Cool Tools to be Bookmarked

 Batlyrics is a fabulous site if you like using songs in your lessons. I learned it via Nik Peachey from his ISTEK talk. Just type a phrase you want to focus and find the songs which have it. Great for revising, practising or presenting grammar with songs.
forvois a pronunciation guide. I learned it via Ann Foreman at her IATEFL workshop.
And another pronunciation site I learned from Ann was phonetics and I immediately shared it with my students who are studying at university and having problems with phonetics.

And another wonderful site from Ann’s session was lingro. Just enter a website adress and make all the words on the text  clickable.


Teachers are Learners


I’ve been thinking about being a lifelong learner for a while. Attending ISTEK ELT in March and IATEFL in April reminded me that teachers are learners too or I think teachers should be learners too.

One of the challenges of a 21st century teacher is integrating technology into the lessons. Well, technology is a scary word and because of its threatening image, ignoring technology won’t help anybody. Will we be replaced by technology? Will mobile learning be the future of schools? Will schools be institutions which will just prepare certificates?

I don’t know. I guess we still have some time to be replaced by technology but I guess the ones who resist using the technology should be replaced by the ones who integrate what’s new to her teaching and I believe there are really great teachers who are enthusiastic, eager and motivated to learn. These teachers are not only the young ones. There are many old and experienced teachers and I saw them at the conferences I attended. This reminded me something my mother-in-law says, ‘When work finishes, life finishes’ and I want to adapt it to our situation, ‘When learning ends, teaching ends.’