Revisiting Grammar


May is round the corner. This means another school is about to end. Here you can find some revision games and activities that you’d like to use.

When I’m 65 (to revise tenses, time clauses)

Team your students

Prepare small cards, on small cards write random numbers such as 18, 22, 56, 38, etc.

Put the cards upside down on the desk

Tell students, take one card and make a sentence.

  • When I’m 65, I’ll probably have grandchildren.
  • When I was 18, I was a student at university.


I had a great holiday there (to revise tenses)

Put some postcards or photos of places on the walls and tell students to walk around and imagine they were on holiday. They have to concentrate on one picture and then go back to their seats and write a paragraph, how they spent their holiday there. Then they can read and their friends try to guess which picture he has chosen.

I’m poem (to revise participles, relative clauses)

Ask them who they are. They will probably laugh and tell their names but tell them what roles do they have as a person in different places. Tell them that you’re their teacher, a mother, a wife, a friend, a colleague and although you are the same person but for your different roles, you have different responsibilities, feelings, emotions. Ask them if they are the same person as a sister, cousin, grandchild etc. Then give them the skeleton and ask them to write a poem describing who they are for different people and how they feel and react.

  • I’m the girl who loves reading books
  • I’m the sister watching you grow up

Motivating Myself for the Next School Year

As you’ll remember, I attended #SLTEP, a train the trainer program run by Sabanci University in June and while getting prepared for the next term, I decided to change some of the motivating, inspiring quotes into posters. Once again, I’m so happy that I had the decision to attend this course. I’ll start the year with lots of food for thought.









A first Week Lesson

advice from my students


Sorry for the delay but I was so busy with so many things and now I want to share what I’ve done so far this year.

For my grade 12 students who are getting ready for a very important exam for their future, I planned a motivational first week lesson. For this, I asked a few questions to my former students ( via Facebook) who made their dreams true, entering the universities they were planning to go.

I sent them the questions, they emailed me their answers.

I prepared a handout with three interviews. First I put my students in groups and ask them to match the questions with the answers, then I asked what these three students had in common, how they studied, what they learned while studying at university and then I asked them to prepare a poster on Achieving our Goals.

The students liked the idea and I think the things they read about studying, achieving goals were more powerful than my words telling them to study hard for their dreams. Sometimes elder young people can be better role models for the younger ones J

Another 1st Day Activity-Promises to be kept…

ImageChef Sketchpad -

I believe from the moment we enter the classroom, our aim should be to help our students see where their learning journey is taking them to so the first day activities are important to give them some clues too.

You can adapt the activities below according to your classes. If they are new comers this way you can learn about them changing some of the questions, if you already know them you can just remind  them their reason to be in the class.

Activity 1

I ask my students to write a letter to me imagining it’s the last day of the class and tell me how they became successful throughout the year answering the following questions:

How many hours a day did you study English?

How many books did you read?

What was your aim?

How did you improve your studying skills?

What advice can you give to your friends who will be in this class next year?

How did you change?

When I read the letters, I comment on them and tell them that those are their promises and they have to keep their promises. So they should read the number of books they have written in their letters or study or do the things they have stated.

However, this year I’m planning to do something else.

Activity 2

Materials: colourful paper or cards, colourful pens, blue-tac

Ask students to choose some colourful pens and paper.

Tell them to write their names in the middle.

Tell them to write what their plans are for the year, how they will study, what they will learn, what they will read, etc on the corners or around their names.

Then stick the cards on the walls so as not to forget them 🙂

Habit is …


Motivation is what you get started. Habit is what keeps you going. Unknown

We think that motivation is very important and it really is. It is one of the key factors to achieve our goals. However, it isn’t enough. Although you want to change the world, although you want to go one step further, you can’t always move as you think.

When we discuss the failures of our students, we often reach to a fact that they don’t know how to study. We know that they just do the homework at home and even they do the ones that they can do and they ignore the ones that they can’t do.

All of us know that they study for the exams one night before or they try to finish their projects so close to the deadline.

It is the characteristic of a student but these 21st century students will be different than us. The world they are living in is highly competitive, as all of us agree and they must be very competitive to be successful in their lives.

How can we help them?

Of course we should try to motivate them, we can be role-models and show how enthusiastically we are doing our jobs. Moreover, we should help them set realistic goals and teach them how to form habits.

We can start the first week of the school year with such activities that  will help them learn to study.

So can we just brainstorm and come up with some ideas and activities for all of us that can be used at the beginning of the next school year.

My contribution

A wall dictation:

Prepare handouts with quotes on learning and stick them on the walls.

After finishing the activity, discuss the quotes

Ask them to choose the most motivational quote.

In teams ask them to write their motto for the class.

Prepare posters with their mottos and display on the walls

BTW I really love this one : A teacher can but lead you to the door, learning is up to you. Chinese proverb