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Sorry for the delay but I was so busy with so many things and now I want to share what I’ve done so far this year.

For my grade 12 students who are getting ready for a very important exam for their future, I planned a motivational first week lesson. For this, I asked a few questions to my former students ( via Facebook) who made their dreams true, entering the universities they were planning to go.

I sent them the questions, they emailed me their answers.

I prepared a handout with three interviews. First I put my students in groups and ask them to match the questions with the answers, then I asked what these three students had in common, how they studied, what they learned while studying at university and then I asked them to prepare a poster on Achieving our Goals.

The students liked the idea and I think the things they read about studying, achieving goals were more powerful than my words telling them to study hard for their dreams. Sometimes elder young people can be better role models for the younger ones J

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