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It’s a very quiet Sunday for me today. Nobody is at home and I’m with my laptop and I’ve bookmarked loads of great sites so far.

My number #1 is Max My Dream which is also became a fave for Ana Maria Menezes and she blogged about it. You will find her post very useful as she also suggests how to use it with your students.

Wonderopolis ” Wonders is a wonderful site for both teachers and students. You can learn really interesting things everyday and get a link to a lessonplan on the topic. when you click on the link and access the site you will see how simple it is to use it. When you click on ‘GO’ you will see a word and will have 60 seconds to write about it.

I came across with popplet through Alexandra Fransisco’s blog. It is a platform to share your ideas, create galleries, record thoughts, collect inspiration.

If you like using poetry in your class, Visit Instant Poetry Forms.

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