Thank you

The blog competition ended and most of my friends have been voted for the top ranks.Here you can see the results.I’m so much honoured to be on the same list with these great bloggers, who continuously inspire, motivate, collaborateand support. I’m learning loads of things from them. I want to congratulate all of them.

Actually this ‘congratulations’ is for everybody who is blogging, tweeting and sharing the things they’ve already known instead of keeping all these to themselves.

I’m so happy to be part of this community.

Thank you




I’ve been experiencing wonderful things recently. First, my friend Janet Bianchini tagged my blog as a blog which is worth reading. It was fabulous. I was thrilled.

When I started blogging in September, I wasn’t sure what to write. However, when days passed and when I realised my posts were being read, I just wanted to continue.

I write about my thoughts, lesson ideas and I share the stories, poems my students create. 

The next good thing that has happened to me is that my blog has been nominated in the Lexiophiles Top 100 Language Teaching Blogs 2010.

It was a big surprise for me. I really feel flattered, happy, …I can’t express my feelings with any adjectives. On this list there are fabulous blogs. The blogs that  inspire me, the blogs that guide me. To be there with them is a great honour.

I learn loads from them.

They are my PLN,a priviledge for a 21st century teacher.

If I compare my blog with theirs, this blog is like a toddler trying to learn to walk .

I don’t know who else nominated this blog but from the comments I know that one of them is Marisa Pavan and I really want to thank her for that.

PS   This post is not  written to ask for votes. It aimes to share how proud the writer of this blog is … As proud as a parent who witnesses her kids’ first steps.

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