My homework part 2

coffee As I said before, I really enjoyed this blog reading task partly because I love doing homework 🙂 and it allows me to discover more.

 If you like, make a cup of fresh coffee and do some extensive reading.

I’ll start with Murphy’s Law for EFL teachers from Natasa’s blog. Natasa Bozic Grojic writes how things may go wrong in a class when a teacher prepares really cool things for her class.

Denise Ozdeniz has just started blogging but she is one of the greatest teacher trainers I have had. Giving Presentations and Workshops is full of useful tips.

You can read What Now: Staying on top of your game by Bethany Cagnol if you are not sure what to do to stay on top of the game.

10 goofy ways to practise speaking skills. is a wonderful post from Berni Wall’s. One of my favourite posts werealso from here, Using Modal verbs Part One and don’t forget to read Part 2.

To be continued ….

For more hidden gems, visit The PLN Staff Lounge.

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