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 Wordle: project based learning

In project based learning we expect our students to create projects. Students are supposed to research and link all the subjects together and present their projects with the use of technology.

This year we tried to use it in our classes but we still have some question marks.

  1. Should we always define a problem in PBL and try to solve it?
  2. How should they come up with problems?

Say if the main subject is language arts and the topic is music and if a student says we don’t listen to good quality music, will that be a problem?

  1. Or should all the problems be from science or maths?
  2. Can I ask my students to read a novel and create a project around it. Let’s say, The Graet Gatsby and The Jazz Age or Jane Austin and Women’s Place in 19th Century. What can be the problems in these projects?
  3. If a group of students writes a musical and stages it instead of powerpoint presentation with lots of researched info, will that be acceptable?

Actually all the things I wrote above happened last week. Last year we had a series of workshops and we were told how we should use PBL.

 Here at 10th grade students choose to study foreign languages, science and mathematics or social studies or mathematics. If a language class writes a musical and stages it and if they explain, blues, human rights, rock’n roll and folklore in the same piece, it is great for me.However, some colleagues argued that it was a great musical but cannot be regarded as a project presentation.

My question to you is can this be regarded a project presentation or not? If not, what should they have done?

Well, I need some advice…