June 8th 2010 archive

We are just teachers

Another school year is about to finish and we are about to announce the successful students. Yesterday with some colleagues we had a chat and found out how much we knew about each kid.

Most of us know about their problems at home and unfortunately the majority of the kids do have problems. Some of them are real big problems which we can’t even help and because of these problems sometimes they give up.

Mostly on leaving they come and thank us for what we have done for them.

It hurts…

I don’t know which is good -continuing their higher school education but seeing their failure at the gate of the universities or their leaving school without a diploma to pursue a chance to survive in the real world.

One of the best things about being a language teacher is that we enter their lives easily. Sometimes they trust us and they write…

 Whereas one of the worst things about being a language teacher is that we enter their lives easily. They write poems, compositions, articles that reveal too much about them. Sometimes they open their hearts and tell us about their secrets, problems, dilemmas and sometimes we too fail and can’t help.

Who are we anyway?

Just teachers…

A former student thanked one of my colleagues last week saying that she realised how much the teacher had cared about her when she was at school, trying to persuade her for a university degree . She also had some family problems, the teacher couldn’t help her to continue her studies as the student had to work but maybe the teacher just helped showing that there were people who cared and thus would care about her.

So who are we anyway?

Just teachers…