June 23rd 2010 archive

Evaluating Myself

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Schools have just closed and a nice summer holiday waits. Reading will be my most favourite activity in the long, lazy afternoons.

This year was very fruitful for me. So many things have happened and so many things have changed in my life. This is because of the things I’ve been doing since September. So let me tell about them:

  1. A training session with Özge: She just opened a window and the viewfrom the window  was so bright and amazing. I had already started a blog but couldn’t even find what to write there. I must thank her many times.
  2. Blogging enables me to speak my mind and share what I’ve collected as a teacher so far because of this it is my favourite.
  3. Twitter: without twitter, it was impossible to go as far as you want to. It helped me to have my Personal Learning Network.
  4. Edchat: Even with 140 characters, it is possible to discuss very serious issues. It is a great experiment to be part of it. Whenever I’m free, I really enjoy the conversation.
  5. Nings: There are loads of ideas, links, lesson plans, videos shared on them.
  6. Workshops: For the first time in my teaching life I attended conferences as a speaker and I enjoyed the experiment very much.
  7. Train the trainer was a course I attended this year and it helped me a lot to learn how to prepare and deliver workshops.
  8. Collaborations: I met wonderful people via twitter, blogging and we started projects, we had skype chats together. My students contributed to Arjana Blazic’s project then she also joined me and Alexandra and we started to grow our project and now our friends from twitter are also with us.
  9. Guest blogging: It was Shelly Terrell who first asked me to be a guest blogger on her blog then Marmaraelt and Barbara Sakamoto. These were great experiments and challenges for me.
  10.  Guest bloggers on my blog: I proudly announce that I’m a very lucky teacher who has a PLN and when I asked my friends to write a guest post for my blog, Arjana Blazic and Janet Bianchini agreed and sent their wonderful posts. I do hope to have more guest bloggers here as I learn a lot from my PLN.

I’ve been teaching for twenty-something years but I still feel I can teach for some more years and all these things I mentioned above have been acting as professional development courses.