Speaking For An Audience


These new kids need more public speaking skills than us. They will work on projects in teams, they will present their projects and they will need to be more confident in front of an audience. Thus, as teachers we can encourage our students to speak in front of an audience by assigning weekly projects. Friday afternoons can be a great time for doing this as on the last day of the week they feel tired and demotivated. You can find a lovely box, or a jar and put the project ideas in and ask them to choose the one for the next week.

Here are some suggestions but we can add more,

  1. Every week students choose a song which tell a story and prepare a 3-minute presentation about the song. They have to mention the band, singer, genre and the story of the song.
  2. Students scan through the week’s newspapers, online news channels and prepare their 3-minute presentation on current affairs.
  3. Students find out about the movies or the plays on and choose one that they’ve watched or want to watch and prepare a presentation.
  4. Students choose a quote that they like. Tell the class who said that and why they have chosen it and what it means.
  5. Students choose a colour and research how that colour effects people.
  6. Students choose two places they want to compare. they can be two cities, two cafes, two bookshops, two clothes shops, etc and prepare a 3-minute talk.


Intro Presentations


I love the idea of small talks where students present something to their classmates and in a way they learn how to present, how to talk in front of a crowd.

We use a topic based coursebook in that way students focus on a different topic in each unit. This year I told my students that they would prepare a small presentation at the beginning of each lesson.These presentations should be a kind of introduction to the new unit. They chose the units they would present at the beginning of the year. We talked about how to prepare presentations, power points what to include on the slides, how to express themselves, etc.

As you may guess, the first presentations were not very sucessful. Lots of copying and pasting with beautiful images from the web and they read the slides instead of telling them to us.

 Then we talked about plagiarism and I repeated many times that there was no need to write sentences but they should have notes on their slides. I also suggested that they could use the web 2.0 tools I taught them.

After a few units, I realised the presentations became better but at the end of each presentation I repeated what my expectations were.

And yesterday a student presented about talk shows. She used a glogster instead of power point and in the end we watched an animation she created with GoAnimate. It was brilliant and the other students also enjoyed listening to her. She never read, she talked. She was creative and I really felt very proud.

I think from now on the others will do their best to be as good as her.
GoAnimate.com: esayan show by selin236

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It’s free and fun!

World Cup Lesson Ideas


worldcup2010Well, partly because I have classes with no football enthusiasm and as schools close this Friday, I can’t do any World Cup themed lessons with my students.  I believe the event itself can be a great resource for a speaking activity. However, there are other great things which can be done while the world cup is going on.

1. This one is in South Africa so it can be a good opportunity to reasearch the country. You can ask your students to learn something about Nelson Mandela or Nadine Gordimer as they also have Nobel prizes.

2. You can group students as A, B, Cs and ask them to reasearch the countries in their groups and present them to the class. They can even prepare a World Cup corner somewhere in the school with some information about the countries.

3. You can ask them to create trivia quizzes on past world cups.

4. They can prepare a presentation on unforgettable moments. I still remember how Maradona scored a goal with his hand and stayed unpenalised and as a result Argentina won the cup.

5. You can ask them to research the top scorers of the games.

6. You can ask the students to research some football legends like Pele, Cruyff, Socrates, Zoff ,Puskás, etc and  how they continued their lives.

For more ideas visit

Sean Banville’s Blog and read The Beautiful Game 2010. Sean is also determined to prepare a 9-page-lesson for each game so keep visiting Breaking english News.

Esolcourses for lots of lessons.

World cup project ebook by David Deubelbeiss

The Beautiful Game – South Africa 2010 by Chickensaltash


Irrelevantly Relevant

 Wordle: project based learning

In project based learning we expect our students to create projects. Students are supposed to research and link all the subjects together and present their projects with the use of technology.

This year we tried to use it in our classes but we still have some question marks.

  1. Should we always define a problem in PBL and try to solve it?
  2. How should they come up with problems?

Say if the main subject is language arts and the topic is music and if a student says we don’t listen to good quality music, will that be a problem?

  1. Or should all the problems be from science or maths?
  2. Can I ask my students to read a novel and create a project around it. Let’s say, The Graet Gatsby and The Jazz Age or Jane Austin and Women’s Place in 19th Century. What can be the problems in these projects?
  3. If a group of students writes a musical and stages it instead of powerpoint presentation with lots of researched info, will that be acceptable?

Actually all the things I wrote above happened last week. Last year we had a series of workshops and we were told how we should use PBL.

 Here at 10th grade students choose to study foreign languages, science and mathematics or social studies or mathematics. If a language class writes a musical and stages it and if they explain, blues, human rights, rock’n roll and folklore in the same piece, it is great for me.However, some colleagues argued that it was a great musical but cannot be regarded as a project presentation.

My question to you is can this be regarded a project presentation or not? If not, what should they have done?

Well, I need some advice…

Pre and Post Activities Using Web 2.0 tools

I had my first workshop at  ISTEK-elt. It was a great experience and I loved it very much. The presentation consisted of 2 parts

1) power point presentation

2) how I used the web 2.o tools with my students

The links are on the glog.

View more presentations from evasimkesyan.


The conference was a great success, all our heroes and heroines were there and I truely enjoyed every minute of it.

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