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 Being a working mother is not easy. Being a teacher and a mother is a real challenge. Sometimes my kids grumble to me about my job. They complain because I spend too much time working for other kids. They complain when they get lower marks from English and say I never do anything for them. However, I’m sure you all experience the same thing with your kids, sisters or little brothers that they never study with their mothers, fathers or elder sisters ( my younger sister used to do that )

Anyway I promised them we will do something for their English this summer. Maybe you had heard before that they also complain about my blogging, twitter, etc but they are also very curious about all these things. Finally, on Saturday we started with vokies. It was a miracle. My daughter was never willing to do anything for more than 10 minutes with me but she really liked creating characters and wrote about their lives. She created several vokies and emailed me. Instead of playing games, she spent a lot of time recording her voice and listening to it. My son is not as eager as she is but he also tries one or two. Then I decided we should have a blog for our summer work and then I created a new blog for three of us. I will write the posts and share the things they create. I hope we will manage to work till the end of this summer.

Do you have any suggestions for a helpless mother to engage her kids and teach english to them? I’ll be happy to hear them.

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  1. I’ve never blogged before and always wanted to give it try and this sounds like a great way to start! I look forward to following your progress as I do with my son.

  2. The life of the teacher/parent… Teaching and learning don’t stop in the class or at home, they blend together in a life long quest. It’s a wonderful feeling to motivate in class but a greater feeling is to motivate in the home with your own children. I enjoyed reading your home triumph blog.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)

  3. Eva
    I hate to tell you this, but the resentment they feel goes on….even when they are older.

    I just had some students over my house yesterday afternoon to help them set up their new blogs for summer course. My 21 year old daughter still complains about how I spend more time with the students than with her. It’s just her point of view…I twitter with her all the time.

    Anyway, yes I have a suggestion. You can make a photo montage of the beautiful sites to visit in your city and make a travelogue. Going to these places together to take their own original pictures will be memorable for them. Then embedding their photos and writing about what to do and visit in each place, or what they did, or even creating stories will be better than making a scrapbook because it will be for everyone to share.

    How old are your children, anyway?
    I hope this helps. Ellen

    • Hi Ellen,
      Thanks for the photo suggestion, they will love it I’m sure and this way we can also spend some fun time and still learn together.
      My kids are ten. They even complain about the time I spend with one of them. I thought things would change when they grow older but ….. Anyway, at least they liked spending time with web 2.0 toys. We will see how these will end 🙂

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