Since I started blogging, many things have changed in my life. Although my blog is too young and don’t receive many visitors I still have regular readers. The best thing about blogging starts here. I started to have real conversations with my friends. I get support from them and I get help whenever I need.

I think blogging promotes professional development. I have been reading magnificent blog posts about teaching, sharing, collaborating. I can even reach many useful sites and links recommended by the blog writers I follow. Most of them are my colleagues, very enthusiastic, full of ideas. I have the chance to express my thoughts, join conversations.

It enables me TOL (to teach out loud). The feeling is great because I know during the summer holiday; I’ll keep adding lesson ideas.

It enables me to become more productive. I try to update my blog frequently.

It helps me become more creative.

Moreover, I write. I just don’t assign my students to write essays, articles, stories or poems anymore, I do write, too. And I really love this challenge. Maybe it was just the thing I’ve been looking for.

How do you feel about blogging?

The help, the comfort

As long as you derive inner help and comfort from anything, keep it.

Mahatma Gandhi

I’ve been thinking about commenting or retweeting since I read the post Karenne Sylvester wrote. I had been reading blogs before I started blogging but I never left a comment. It was most probably I was a stranger, not a member of the community. I wasn’t in their virtual lives, a lurker may be…I never thought I had to leave a remark, even a simple ‘Thank you’ note for what they had shared. Later, however, I learned I was wrong.

I felt the necessity of it after I started blogging and using twitter. It was not easy at first as I was thinking ‘who am I anyway?’ but my instincts were forcing me to add something so I started saying ‘Thanks for sharing all these great stuff’. I admired their enthusiasm and felt great when they replied me back. Then I saw comments for my posts. They were  important because I realised that people came to my blog and read the things I had written. Retweeting also encouraged me and in a way I felt responsible for leaving comments to the posts that I was reading.

Blogging is different from keeping a diary. There is interaction. I receive positive energy from my colleagues and sometimes I feel I need to continue just because a colleague called me a great educator although I’m just a teacher or if I see a friend who just said s/he will use the idea or if a friend adds some more tricks to mine.

This interaction and positive energy enable me to learn something new every day. I feel more confident now while sharing my thoughts or leaving my comments to the posts I read and I know that those comments are a great way of encouaging the blogger to continue to write. From now on I’ll try to say more…:)