One of my favourite writers for the ‘Reading Class’ is Roald Dahl. I’ve been using his short stories for almost a decade and the students have always loved them.

I just came across with this pdf

But you can also get more ideas for using Bloom’s taxonomy in reading classes which I find very practical when preparing my own handouts for my students

I mostly use the following Roald Dahl stories with my 11th and 12th graders.

The Landlady, a very shocking story and teenagers love it.

Here are some great lessons of the story I found on the net.

Word games and puzzles

An adaptation on YouTube

My suggestion as a follow up:

Pretend you are Billy. You just found out what happened to the two young men and realised you were also poisoned, and locked into a room. Luckily you have still your mobile (as the landlady is a little bit old-fashioned she hadn’t known anything about mobiles and social media). Write a text message to a close friend, update your status on Facebook and send a tweet to the whole world and ask for help. Write your version of the story.

Create a scrapbook based on the setting, events and characters from the story. (You can use a web 2.0 option for this task)

My students’ web 2.0 projects on the story.

The Way Up To Heaven

A YouTube video

A suggestion on how to analyse this story

A pre reading task:

Lamb to Slaughter

Years ago my students adapted the story to stage, wrote the script and performed. Unfortunately in those years, technology was not like this and I was also a bit technophobic so even a simple camera recording isn’t available now.

Here are some links to inspire you to prepare your own

A Short story inspired writing lesson

From Roald Dahl’s fans

A web 2.0 suggestion:

You can watch a clip fro Hitchcock’s ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ then ask the students to redirect the movie. They have can prepare a PowerPoint presentation, a prezi or a glogster and introduce to the class their cast, soundtrack, setting, etc giving their reasons why they chose the actors and the music. They can also create a movie poster.

More ideas for reading classes:

Or if you can read all the stories in a row, maybe you can ask the similarities of these three women.

Fun with Class Readers 1

Fun with Class Readers 2

Fun with Class Readers 3

Reading Challenge

And don’t forget to visit the beautiful official Roald Dahl page


13 thoughts on “Reading Short Stories ~ Roald Dahl in Class

  1. Eva,
    I also love Roald Dahl and I usually do something with Lamb to the Slaughter. I am so excited to share these new ideas about more of his stories.

    I use “Lamb” to help differentiate between the grammar structures used in writing a news article (reported speech and passive voice) and narratives (the past tenses).
    First I have students pick out the hard vocabulary and have them represent their favorite words in a synthesized summary in a Toondo. That is always fun and usually a novel experience for most learners. Then we pretend we were reporters on the scene to create headlines and news report.

    Thanks for sharing, Ellen in Mexico

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Ellen. Writing the news for the story will be a great follow up and also thanks for suggesting Toondo.

  2. hello thanks for this
    I want to help me my teacher telle me to make a critical analysis of the short story: my lady love my dove by Roald Dahl.

  3. I wonder why the 3 short stories mentioned by Eva and Ellen involve gruesome deaths of men? I recently found 2 ESL textbooks that use many of the short stories in Skin and The Umbrella Man. The authors are Knodell and Okuyama, and the books are for high level students with lots of grammar, writing, and debate exercises. Pretty good texts.

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