May 9th 2010 archive

What not to teach in May

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

What not to bring to class in May?

Mother’s Day?

It’s difficult

Some kids are not as lucky as others.

Some homes are not as comfortable and cosy as the others.

My daughter came home today and said how much she missed me when the teacher taught them a song called Mum, my dearest mum in Turkish. I couldn’t say anything to her.However, I knew that a friend of her doesn’t have a mum.

Later she said they copied a poem in their notebooks and the teacher said the one who loved her/ his mum very much would write neatly in the notebook. She said they were all very careful while writing.

What next? On Wednesday, there will be a short performance for the mothers. How about the kids who don’t have mothers, or how about the kids whose mothers wouldn’t be lucky enough to get permission to watch them?

Mother’s Day is heartbreaking. Luckily, schools are close on Father’s Day. Yet, they are also heartbreaking.

Isn’t mother’s day also hearbreaking for some women, too?

I don’t know what to say or how to feel.

What can we do?

Do we really need these days to remember our parents?

If we just remember them on these days, it means there is something missing or wrong.

No Mother’s Day gift or song or poem can be enough for me to show my gratitude to my mum.

I can’t even continue to write.

I’m so , well…

The kids who are not lucky enough shouldn’t feel how unlucky they are on these special days.

I don’t do any mother’s day activities in my classes but there are other classes…

I just want to say let’s not celebrate Mother’s Day at schools. At least, we teachers, can do something for the unhappy hearts.

PS: This post was written on Monday but I wasn’t sure whether I should publish it or not. I’m still not sure about it.