May 5th 2010 archive

Imagine and Create - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more  

Sometimes you can set unusual tasks  that challenge  thinking. Set time limit and tell your students to describe

Some ideas

 Create a 5th season and describe it.

Create a country and describe it.

Create a new era and describe it.

Create an other planet where people can live.

Imagine a day is 36 hours. Describe the typical school day of a teenager.

You can come up with more ideas and I’ll be happy to hear them.

 A variation for Create a 5th season 

  Glitter Symbols -








Play Vivaldi’s FOUR SEASON in jumbled order

Ask them to guess which season is described in each piece and ask them why they think like that.

Tell the answers.

Talk about how people feel in each season.

Ask them to create their own season and describe it.

They can even draw pictures of it.

 It may take long but the challenge is worth a try. They end up creating wonderful  seasons and they can be very creative.