May 11th 2010 archive



 Since I started blogging, many things have changed in my life. Although my blog is too young and don’t receive many visitors I still have regular readers. The best thing about blogging starts here. I started to have real conversations with my friends. I get support from them and I get help whenever I need.

I think blogging promotes professional development. I have been reading magnificent blog posts about teaching, sharing, collaborating. I can even reach many useful sites and links recommended by the blog writers I follow. Most of them are my colleagues, very enthusiastic, full of ideas. I have the chance to express my thoughts, join conversations.

It enables me TOL (to teach out loud). The feeling is great because I know during the summer holiday; I’ll keep adding lesson ideas.

It enables me to become more productive. I try to update my blog frequently.

It helps me become more creative.

Moreover, I write. I just don’t assign my students to write essays, articles, stories or poems anymore, I do write, too. And I really love this challenge. Maybe it was just the thing I’ve been looking for.

How do you feel about blogging?