Mingle All the Way

Some ‘cool’ speaking, grammar and vocabulary activities 

Mingling activities can be fun, mingling activities can also be a burden. Some of us love them, some of us hate them. Even during PD sessions, conferences, etc when the trainer, speaker wants us to stand up and mingle around, we tend to sulk. Well, bearing all these in mind, I will add some mingling activities that may be used from time to time in class to practise grammar, vocabulary or speaking.

  • Ask students to write questions on slips of papers. Monitor and correct when necessary. Tell them to stand up walk around, dance while you play some music. Stop the music and tell them to ask their questions. When they answer they will exchange the questions and continue to walk around or dance while you play the music. Stop when you feel most students spoke with at least five or six different students.
  • Give students photos or pictures. tell them to walk around and find a similar photo and talk about each other’s photos
  • Give students ‘find the difference photos’ tell them to find their pairs and compare their photos.
  • Write some speaking topics on slips of papers. Give each student a slip of paper. Tell students to talk about the topic for a minute with a partner. Then they will exchange their topics and find another partner to talk about their new topic.


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