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Last week, we were reading a text on pyramids and pharaohs and one of my students said, “Let’s go and see it and come back here in the next lesson.” And I said, “OK, we’re just going to walk around the pyramids in Egypt and south America.” Thanks to the IWB and the internet, we had a very enjoyable lesson.

I’d like to share some links that you can take your kids to field trips 🙂

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


Visit the cities around the world



3 comments on “Virtual Tourists
  1. Eva, I have never seen any of those websites but after exploring them I am completely amazed. All of them seem so real, it is like you are actually there. Thank you for sharing these great cites because I will use them in my classroom. My blog is

  2. This is an amazing way to bring your classroom to life. I know your students really enjoyed this lesson. Visuals can be so beneficial when it comes to learning. Thanks for sharing.

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