Ten Things I want to Do before I become 80

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 Reading Tara Benwell’s blog post was so much fun that I immediately wanted to create my own list.

  1. See my kids grow up I want to see them grow up and find the right job and the person for them:-)
  2. Learn Italian I have always wanted to learn Italian but I can’t find the time, so before I become 80 I want to learn Italian, at least, to be able to sing the great songs I love to listen.
  3. Start or participate a Comenius project my students want to be part of these collaborations. I’m sure meeting other students all around the world will boost their confidence.
  4.  Live at learst 3 months in Paris or Florence I love these two cities and will never get bored being there.
  5. Attend an IATEFL conference I’m sure that will be a great experience. This year I’ll try to follow the livestream but I hope I can manage to be there next year.
  6. Write a book when I was a teenager I used to write short stories and novels, imagining to be like the teenage writer I watched in the TV series or Jo of ‘Little Women’ by Louisa May Alcott.
  7. Write a cookbook Cooking is always a great hobby for me. I’d like to write a cookbook, compiling my mum’s delicious recipes.
  8. Start painting I really want to be able to paint pictures. If I weren’t a teacher, I’d be an artist or an interior designer so before I become 80 I must definitely create something.
  9. Open a cafe where mothers of little kids will be able to come and take some breath and the kids will play and socialize. The cafe will have a bookcorner so that everybody will enjoy the freedom of reading.
  10. Study comparative literature I love being a student and I’d like to study literature. Maybe I can give myself an other chance to be a student again.
4 comments on “Ten Things I want to Do before I become 80
  1. Hi Eva,
    Great list! When my babies were young I would have loved to go to your cafe! I used to meet with 8 moms and babes at a cafe that was NOT very child friendly. We eventually ended up taking turns in each other’s homes, but that meant one mom had to be “on” each week.

    I’m so glad you were inspired to write this list. Sometimes all it takes is to write these things down!

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Eva,
    Thank you very much,your blog is exact simulate to the challenge.I come to read it and I prepared challenge for me .I think it need thinking because the challenge have big numbers of ideas to use it in near future in other new blogs.Your dreams toward your children is a nature emotion and I hope that you achieve your dreams.

  3. Hi Eva!
    The wonderful thing in your blog is,that all of your wish is realizable and palpable.
    As I told it on the comments on your page,I admire you because of your “manysidedness”.
    You must be a great Teacher and great Person as well.

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