What is the movie?



This is an activity I did with one of my classes last week.

Choose a soundtrack of a movie (preferably an instrumental piece)

Tell them that piece of music is from a movie

Ask the students to relax and listen to the music

When the music is finished tell them they are going to listen to it again and write a paragraph answering the following questions.

  • What kind of a movie is it?
  • Describe the scene that this music is being played
  • Who are the actors and the actresses


The result was amazing. Although it was early in the morning, they came up with brilliant paragraphs. They even found each other very creative and music helped us to start the lesson with a smile on our faces.

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It’s Worth Taking a Look at this Blog


I’m linked to this challenge by Janet Bianchini. I’m so honoured that she listed my blog as one of the blogs which is worth keeping an eye on. Here is her list,  full of my favourites but I have to list ten different blogs so here is mine:

Teacher Reboot Camp

Kalinago English

Classrooms on the Danube: An exploration of the quality of classroom life.

Six Things

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Ozge Karaoglu’s Blog

Vicky Loras’s Blog

Marisa Constantinides – TEFL Matters

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Why did the Chickenman cross the road?

There are other great blogs that I love reading . It’s a kind of sharing and brainstorming. Since I started blogging and blog reading I’ve been learning a lot from my friends a lot.