April 5th 2010 archive

Ten Things I want to Do before I become 80

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 Reading Tara Benwell’s blog post was so much fun that I immediately wanted to create my own list.

  1. See my kids grow up I want to see them grow up and find the right job and the person for them:-)
  2. Learn Italian I have always wanted to learn Italian but I can’t find the time, so before I become 80 I want to learn Italian, at least, to be able to sing the great songs I love to listen.
  3. Start or participate a Comenius project my students want to be part of these collaborations. I’m sure meeting other students all around the world will boost their confidence.
  4.  Live at learst 3 months in Paris or Florence I love these two cities and will never get bored being there.
  5. Attend an IATEFL conference I’m sure that will be a great experience. This year I’ll try to follow the livestream but I hope I can manage to be there next year.
  6. Write a book when I was a teenager I used to write short stories and novels, imagining to be like the teenage writer I watched in the TV series or Jo of ‘Little Women’ by Louisa May Alcott.
  7. Write a cookbook Cooking is always a great hobby for me. I’d like to write a cookbook, compiling my mum’s delicious recipes.
  8. Start painting I really want to be able to paint pictures. If I weren’t a teacher, I’d be an artist or an interior designer so before I become 80 I must definitely create something.
  9. Open a cafe where mothers of little kids will be able to come and take some breath and the kids will play and socialize. The cafe will have a bookcorner so that everybody will enjoy the freedom of reading.
  10. Study comparative literature I love being a student and I’d like to study literature. Maybe I can give myself an other chance to be a student again.