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Cool Animations / A Pre-listening project



The listening was an interview with 2 people who who took part in an experiment for a television series. The experiment was about if people of the 21st century could live in Iron Age. I wanted them to learn something from this experiment because if they just listen, they do the task and they don’t even focus on the text. I told them to research the era before they come to the class and create an animation using goanimate or xtranormal and email me before the class.

Before we listened task, we watched the animations and then I asked them to prepare a poster on Iron Age people using the info they gathered through research and animations. In the end they had great knowledge about the iron age as they thought it was similar to The Paleolithic Era.

And you can watch their animations here. Some of them just copied and pasted the info but as we talked on the topic, they learned a lot.

Pre and Post Activities Using Web 2.0 tools

I had my first workshop at  ISTEK-elt. It was a great experience and I loved it very much. The presentation consisted of 2 parts

1) power point presentation

2) how I used the web 2.o tools with my students

The links are on the glog.

View more presentations from evasimkesyan.


The conference was a great success, all our heroes and heroines were there and I truely enjoyed every minute of it.

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GAMES VS HANDOUTS - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Yesterday I explained how to reduce relative clauses into phrases to my 11 graders and they were all confused. Then I distributed the handouts I prepared for them to exercise and asked them to rewrite the sentences. While doing the exercises they were bored and they couldn’t get the idea.
Today I played a game with them and they were more confident in the end.
The game was one of my favourites, noughts and crosses, as I can adapt it to many grammar topic.

I wrote sentences on slips of papers and put them in an envelope. I divided my class into two teams and told them how to play the game. They had to choose a box from the grid all together as a team and one by one in turns, they had to take a slip of paper from the envelope and reduce the relative clause. I allowed them to look at their notes while waiting for their turn and in the end the victory was for all of us.
I gave them pos- it notes and asked them to write feedback. I also asked them to compare doing exercises and playing grammar games.
My students were happy with the game and they explained the pros and cons of playing games in classroom very well.
They said:


  1. We focused on the rules.
  2. We were more careful
  3. We tried to learn and remember the rules not to lose the game
  4. We saw our mistakes
  5. We wanted to win
  6. We remember better
  7. We practised the relative clauses
  8. We had fun.
  9. It was more enjoyable than writing on a handout
  10. We did something like competition and it makes you try harder


  1.  Losing a game is not good
  2.  I get so nervous when I play a game
  3. We could have practised more if I did them on handouts

In every classroom, you will find competitive students who will enjoy playing games and in every classroom you will have students who will become unhappy when s/he loses a game. But life is a game and we should learn how to play, how to survive, how to win and we should also learn how to overcome stress.

What I learned from my PLN Flower Text 

 Last two weeks were very fruitful. I had the chance to read great blog posts and thanks to twitter and PLN I learned a lot.

I had prepared my power point presentation for the ISTEK conference before I read Janet Bianchini and Shelly Terrell’s blogs. After reading their posts and Jeremy Harmer’s article, I looked at it again and changed. Now it looks much better.

I got the link to this site via Özge from twitter and passed it to my students who are about to prepare a project on TV.

I really love Sean Banville’s time management tips and now as I’m waiting to meet my husband, instead of window shopping I’m writing this post.

This came from Marisa Constantinides on Sunday morning and it was enough to cheer me up.

The Words I love


Words are easy, like the wind; William Shakespeare

We start speaking using words. Simple, one word sentences make every parent happy when their toddler starts speaking then comes the others. They are so powerful. Even if you go to a country and you don’t know the language, you can still survive with some simple words for a short time. There are some words in English that I love very much. Some of them are very simple yet their sound or meaning is wonderful. When you love something very much, it becomes yours. You care about it. Vocabulary learning is like that. When you hear a new word and it means something to you, you acquire it easily. It’s even the same for mother tongue. If you love a word, it becomes unique for you. Now my all time favourite English words:

  1. GREAT is so simple yet has a gReat meaning. I love saying it stressing the R when a student of mine does something good, achieves a goal, writes a great story. No other word is as great as great then.
  2. TINY is something small, something needs affection, something difficult to find if you lose.
  3. CUTE is like small kids or childhood. The word brings my mind happy childhood memories, summers at seaside. I don’t know the reason but I think it has sunshine in it.
  4. COSY has an image of a room, dimly lit and full of books. There is a comfortable armchair with cushions, a fireplace but it is not a must. I can even hear the music playing now.
  5. GLOOMY has a negative meaning yet I imagine a rainy day and I’m home. It’s warm and cosy and I’m lazing around.
  6. I love the sound of VINTAGE. It is so elegant and rare.
  7. SUNSHINE is a word full of hopes and sun. It is so cheerful that when you hear it you can smile easily.
  8. SOPHISTICATED is a complicated word. It is clever and as vintage it is elegant.
  9. INSPIRE has music in it. I believe it has a powerful meaning. I love it.
  10. ETERNAL is another great word with a wonderful meaning.

There are other words that I love but these are ones that came when I thought about them. Bookmark and Share 

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