Cool Animations / A Pre-listening project



The listening was an interview with 2 people who who took part in an experiment for a television series. The experiment was about if people of the 21st century could live in Iron Age. I wanted them to learn something from this experiment because if they just listen, they do the task and they don’t even focus on the text. I told them to research the era before they come to the class and create an animation using goanimate or xtranormal and email me before the class.

Before we listened task, we watched the animations and then I asked them to prepare a poster on Iron Age people using the info they gathered through research and animations. In the end they had great knowledge about the iron age as they thought it was similar to The Paleolithic Era.

And you can watch their animations here. Some of them just copied and pasted the info but as we talked on the topic, they learned a lot.


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