Web 2.0 tools for pre and post activities



For sometime I’ve been using web 2.0 tools for follow-ups. They are also great for pre activities.

This is something I used with my 10 graders for their reading activity last week and from now on I’ll try to find ways how I can use them for pre and post activities.

The reading was on superheroes. I prepared an animoto. Before we watched the animoto, we talked about superheroes. Who their favourites were, why they were called superheroes, how they were similar to each other…

I told them to watch the slide and write down the superheroes they saw. Then in pairs they checked, we watched the superheoes again and I asked which one or ones from the slide could not be called a superhero.

Before we did the reading task of the book, we did the wall dictation. I sticked the texts on the walls and divided the class into three. I gave them some questions to be answered. I told them to scan the text and find the aswers for the questions. Of course the group who finished first became the champion.

They liked doing both the slides and the dictation. The slide I prepared with animoto both created enthusiasm and motivation for the reading activity.

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