Using animoto you can create beautiful slide shows for your class to pre-teach vocab, to start a discussion or even to play a memory game. You can e-mail your slideshows to your loved ones as a gift. My sister has just sent me one. she prepared a clip using the photos of my kids. It was
so cute. I’m going to use this one to talk as a warm up activity. After playing the slide, I’ll ask my students to jot down the films they’ve seen.

3 comments on “ANIMOTO
  1. Eva, Animoto has always been one of my favourite Web 2.0 tool. You can easily create slideshows with music and without thinking of the transitions or the effects. Animoto does everything for you. Thank you for sharing =) I’m lookin forward to seeing your students’ animotos..

    • Yes, I agree. It’s really fun. Soon we will start our class blogs and ı hope they will be able to create better ones. Thanks for visiting me

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