Baamboozle is a tool that allows you to create games for your classes. The tool is very easy to use. It is free so just sign up and start creating your game for your class. You can also use the games existed on Baamboozle. Browse the library and choose the most suitable game to play. You can assign different point values for each question depending on the difficulty of the question. You can edit later. You can make your game public or private.
You can use the games to warm up, energize your classes. You can review or introduce a new topic. It can be used as an assessment tool. You can create games for vocabulary and grammar revision or reading comprehension.

What I liked most?
The players don’t choose from the options provided by the teacher. They must produce their own answers. Study mode permits the students to revise before the game.

Once you are ready to play you can divide your class into teams and then choose the game option and play.

10 Activities You Can Do With Flashcards


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Flashcards were the most important visuals of EFL classrooms, and they are now widely available online. You can find great sites here and here.

You can always create your own material so you can create your flashcards by cutting up magazine pictures or writing the words and definitions on the cards or you can use the ready-made ones.

Flashcards are great tools for beginners but we can also use them with more advanced students too.

Well, what can we do with flashcards in the classroom?

  1. You can choose 3 different flashcards and ask your students to create a story.
  2. You can prepare flashcard sets, pictures and definitions seperately and play memory games.
  3. You can show a set of flashcards and ask them to write the ones they remember.
  4. You can quiz your students by showing them the flashcards and asking them to write the answers.
  5. Show a flashcard and ask them to write sentences to describe the Picture until you stop them.
  6. Show them a flashcard and ask them to brainstorm ideas. Then tell them to compare ideas and ask them to create stories in pairs using the words they’ve come up with.
  7. Prepare 10 flashcards showing some characters, place, time and event. Then ask students to write their own stories using all the words you have given.
  8. Use flashcards to review any grammar topic.
  9. Show 2 flashcards and ask students to write how these two things are similar to each other.
  10.  Have a deck of flashcards and tell your students they will choose one in turns and speak about the picture for 2 minutes. They shouldn’t stop.

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My favourites


Web 2.0 tools I’ve used so far…

Web 2.0 tools are great help to jazz up your classrooms, to help students practise the language, to motivate the digital natives with their own weapons and to boost creativity. Nowadays the more I learn, the more motivated I become and I’d like to share the ones which I’ve been using.

glogster is a great tool which helps the teacher and now with the edu option you can compile all the students’ works in one place. I’ve used glogster to assign homework, for a listening activity for pre reading. My students used glogsters for their presentations. You can see some of them here.

animoto is one of the coolest things I’ve discovered. I used it to raise awareness before an activity, to revise vocabulary, to introduce a topic. Mystudents also used it for their presentations. You can see some of them here.

photopeach is also similar to animoto and you can use beautiful slide shows  with a background music and an example how I used it is here.

I used voki to assign homework. You can also use it as your voice whenever you want.

wallwisher is someting I really enjoyed. I used it to help my students for their research on their project.

eyeplorer is something that I used for the same purpose -to guide them for their research.

bookr and bubbler are great tools that the teachers and students can use in many ways. Here are some examples how we used them.

Wordle is a cute tool and I used it as word posters of the units and to preteach vocabulary. I also used it for a writing activity.

Bombay Tv is a great way to jazz up your classroom.I’ve used it to introduce the target language.

With the goodies of I’ve sent some messages and set homework.

authorstream is a great help. I publish my grammar explanations on my blog by uploading my powerpoint presentations.

I’m trying to keep up with the new ones but there are so many. I really want to hear what else we can do with them. so I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions.
After preparing this list I came across with Pin Dax which is an online message board service and with an inspiration fromDodie Ainslie’s post. I decided to add this and hope to get some ideas for my notice board collaboration


Using animoto you can create beautiful slide shows for your class to pre-teach vocab, to start a discussion or even to play a memory game. You can e-mail your slideshows to your loved ones as a gift. My sister has just sent me one. she prepared a clip using the photos of my kids. It was
so cute. I’m going to use this one to talk as a warm up activity. After playing the slide, I’ll ask my students to jot down the films they’ve seen.