10 Activities You Can Do With Flashcards


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Flashcards were the most important visuals of EFL classrooms, and they are now widely available online. You can find great sites here and here.

You can always create your own material so you can create your flashcards by cutting up magazine pictures or writing the words and definitions on the cards or you can use the ready-made ones.

Flashcards are great tools for beginners but we can also use them with more advanced students too.

Well, what can we do with flashcards in the classroom?

  1. You can choose 3 different flashcards and ask your students to create a story.
  2. You can prepare flashcard sets, pictures and definitions seperately and play memory games.
  3. You can show a set of flashcards and ask them to write the ones they remember.
  4. You can quiz your students by showing them the flashcards and asking them to write the answers.
  5. Show a flashcard and ask them to write sentences to describe the Picture until you stop them.
  6. Show them a flashcard and ask them to brainstorm ideas. Then tell them to compare ideas and ask them to create stories in pairs using the words they’ve come up with.
  7. Prepare 10 flashcards showing some characters, place, time and event. Then ask students to write their own stories using all the words you have given.
  8. Use flashcards to review any grammar topic.
  9. Show 2 flashcards and ask students to write how these two things are similar to each other.
  10.  Have a deck of flashcards and tell your students they will choose one in turns and speak about the picture for 2 minutes. They shouldn’t stop.

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