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Sometimes you can set unusual tasks  that challenge  thinking. Set time limit and tell your students to describe

Some ideas

 Create a 5th season and describe it.

Create a country and describe it.

Create a new era and describe it.

Create an other planet where people can live.

Imagine a day is 36 hours. Describe the typical school day of a teenager.

You can come up with more ideas and I’ll be happy to hear them.

 A variation for Create a 5th season 

  Glitter Symbols -








Play Vivaldi’s FOUR SEASON in jumbled order

Ask them to guess which season is described in each piece and ask them why they think like that.

Tell the answers.

Talk about how people feel in each season.

Ask them to create their own season and describe it.

They can even draw pictures of it.

 It may take long but the challenge is worth a try. They end up creating wonderful  seasons and they can be very creative.

When I’m sixty-four - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more  

In pairs brainstorm ideas:

1. When is the retirement age?

2. What do people do when they are retired? You can talk about what  people do in our country and other countries.

3.  Why do you think some people want to go on working even after they get retired?

4.  When do you want to retire? Why?

 What do the following phrases mean?

 1. send me a Valentine

2. be handy

3. it’s not too dear

4. scrimp and save

5. State point of view

a) you manage to live on very little money in order to pay for something.

b) Send a card to someone you love or would like to have a romantic relationship with

c) Say or write your opinion clearly and carefully

d) Be able to use something skillfully

e) Not expensive

Match the halves of the sentences

1. If you say the word,.

2. When I get older losing my hair

3. Will you still need me, will you still feed me,

4. If I’d been out till quarter to three

5. Every summer we can rent a cottage In the Isle of Wight,

a) I could stay with you

b) When I’m sixty-four.

c) Would you lock the door

d) Will you still sending me a Valentine

e) if it’s not too dear

Listen to the song and see if your matches are correct.

Class Project:

Listen to the song and in groups choose a different scene and draw it. Make a video clip using movie maker.

Think about your life, your goals and prepare a list and publish it on your blog

Here is my example:

Ten Things I want to Do before I become 64

1. See my kids grow up I want to see them grow up and find the right job and the person for them:-)

2. Learn Italian I have always wanted to learn Italian but I can’t find the time, so before I become 64 I want to learn Italian, at least, to be able to sing the great songs I love to listen.

3. Start or participate a Comenius project my students want to be part of these collaborations. I’m sure meeting other students all around the world will boost their confidence.

4. Live at learst 3 months in Paris or Florence I love these two cities and will never get bored being there.

5. Attend an IATEFL conference I’m sure that will be a great experience. This year I’ll try to follow the livestream but I hope I can manage to be there next year.

6. Write a book when I was a teenager I used to write short stories and novels, imagining to be like the teenage writer I watched in the TV series or Jo of ‘Little Women’ by Louisa May Alcott.

7. Write a cookbook Cooking is always a great hobby for me. I’d like to write a cookbook, compiling my mum’s delicious recipes.

8. Start painting I really want to be able to paint pictures. If I weren’t a teacher, I’d be an artist or an interior designer so before I become 64 I must definitely create something.

9. Open a cafe where mothers of little kids will be able to come and take some breath and the kids will play and socialize. The cafe will have a bookcorner so that everybody will enjoy the freedom of reading.

10. Study comparative literature I love being a student and I’d like to study literature. Maybe I can give myself an other chance to be a student again and take the university exam once more.

When I’m 64 – The Beatles

When I get older losing my hair,

Many years from now.

Will you still sending me a Valentine

Birthday greetings bottle of wine.

If I’d been out till quarter to three Would you lock the door,

Will you still need me,

will you still feed me,

When I’m sixty-four.

You will be older too,

And if you say the word,

I could stay with you.

I could be handy,

 mending a fuse.

When your lights have gone.

You can knit a sweater by the fireside

Sunday morning go for a ride,

Doing the garden, digging the weeds,

Who could ask for more.

Will you still need me,

will you still feed me,

When I’m sixty-four.

Every summer we can rent a cottage,

In the Isle of Wight, if it’s not too dear

We shall scrimp and save

Grandchildren on your knee

Vera Chuck & Dave

Send me a postcard, drop me a line,

Stating point of view

Indicate precisely what you mean to say

Yours sincerely, wasting away.

Give me your answer, fill in a form

Mine for evermore

Will you still need me, will you still feed me,

When I’m sixty-four. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Variation 1: You can even ask them to write an other list:

10 things I want to do after I retire

Variation 2: using animoto create a song review or a summary.

I must thank , Tara Benwell and Lindsey Vincent for some of the ideas and inspiration for this lesson.


I’d be glad if you can add some more ideas to this lesson.


Here I’m adding the clip my students created with movie maker

When I’m 64 from Eva Simkesyan on Vimeo.

You can find more lesson ideas here and here and here  and here.

Goal: What’s Your Personal Theme Song?

When I read Shelly Terrell’s post, I immediately wanted to write about my personal theme song. It was actually something that I wanted to do after I assigned my students with mini projects but having lots of things to do, I just put the idea back to one of the shelves in my brain and now the time has come.

The first one that comes into my mind and says that I’m the song that you are thinking about is Sting’s ‘An Englishman in New York’. Although I’m not an English lady in New York, the advise he gives is so tempting. ‘Be yourself, no matter what they say.’ Sometimes I feel like an alien too and while walking to school in the mornings, I tend to listen to this song to continue my journey that day.

An other song I feel that it belongs to me is ‘Yesterday when I was young’ by Charles Aznavour. I know I’m not that old but days pass so fast and I really was young once, just 20 and lots of good things happened to me when I was 20. So ‘Hier encore, J’avez 20 ans.’ is the one that should have a place in my life story.

There is a song in Italian which is really important for me and I won’t leave it out. It is a San Remo song. ‘Story di tutti i giorni’ by Riccardo Fogli.

And how about this one?  Shouldn’t it be included to everybody’s soundtrack.

Empty spaces – what are we living for?
Abandoned places – I guess we know the score…
On and on!
Does anybody know what we are looking for?
‘Show must go on’ by Quin

And I’d like to add more actually, songs are the only things that can make you feel motivated, recall the past, feel enthusasic about something that you are about to start. We laugh, dance and cry with them. And I’m sure all the soundtracks of our life stories are worth listening.

Can I end the movie with a classic?

Glogster… once more

Since I found out glogster, I’ve been using it to assign projects, to introduce topics. My students also like it and whenever they are supposed to present something they use it. On the walls, in the corridores of our school, there are glogs.Students prepare them not just for English but also for the other subjects. It’s such a versatile tool so I’ve been thinking what else  I can do with glogsters.

I decided to add listening exercises to my class blogs but for me,interviews, conversations or news are so coursebook type things and not for extensive listening. They love listening to music and songs are great tools to teach language, to practice and also to learn vocabulary. A friend of mine, for instance, has never had formal English lessons and yet is able to communicate in English quite well thanks to his great love of music and basketball.

Students also admit that songs are good listening exercises and more interesting than the ones in their books. I often use them in my lessons, sometimes as a warm up or sometimes as a filler. I tend to choose songs that they don’t listen to but had great impact on teenagers or people in the last decades.I believe good songs should never be forgetten.

I just prepared a listening exercise with glogster and from now on regularly I’ll add them to my class blogs. I hope students will enjoy them.

Songs that represent me

I have got this idea from and adapted it to my class. In our new unit our vocabulary topic is MUSIC and I thought something similar to this one will help students to think and talk about their lives. I prepared a poster from glogster and wrote my three assignments on it. One of them was this:


 Choose 5 songs that represent or describe you.

Write why you’ve chosen these songs. saying just ‘I like it’ won’t be enough. You must give me a good reason.

Create a CD cover.

One week  later I recieved their CDs. It was amazing to see how well actually they eplained themselves.

I want to share some of them.

There is no song to explainme but I’m listening to these songs when I draw pictures. These songs are my inspirations. When I hear the lyrics or the rythm I fee different and I want to draw. (Alen)

For Killswitch Engage-This fire burns  It makes me ambitious and it burns my inner fire. (?) (Axel)

Pacebo – Where is my mind?   I’ve chosen this song because my mind is usually dreaming and I have a dreamer mind. My mind is flying.

Depeche Mode-Enjoy the silence  I’ve chosen this one because sometimes I find a room at home and enjoy the silence. Because words are meaningless and forgettable but silence always tells the truth.

Rihanna, Kanye West, Joy Z-Run this town  When I listen to this song I feel happy because I can understand everything about me. moreover, I can say this song is mine because of these lines.

Life is a game but it’s not fair

I break the rules so I don’t care

So I keep doing my own thing.


Actually, I’ve learned so many things from this little project

1. They can prepare it with glogster. They can both add the music and their thoughts there plus some pictures of the artists.

2. Now I have an idea who thinks what about life.

3. Some of my colleagues are still thinking about blogging and say theydon’t want to share their lesson plans or worksheets. If it’s written, somebody will see and use it. If we refuse collobration, we will miss the best part of teaching. We are all learning from each other and I think WEB is one of the best place for professional development.

4. I’ll also prepare the songs that describe me. I’m thinking about it.