Jamming In The Virtual Classroom

Jamboard is an online interactive whiteboard tool that can easily be used to in distance learning. The App can easily be reached from Google Drive.

Click on Jamboard and you’re ready to create your first board. Tap the orange + to start. Now you are ready to use the board. Choose the background. I really love the notebook patterns and also the black one as it kind of gives the feeling of a blackboard. Here is a quick guide how you can start your first Jamboard.

Now let’s have a look at what we can do with our Jamboards.

1. Jamboard allows you to add images from your computer, so you can save your PowerPoint as images and upload your slides to Jamboard and ask your students to write their minds using colourful post-it notes.

2. It is a great brain mind-mapping tool. Create your board with a question or an image and start brainstorming ideas.

3. If you are using Zoom or a similar tool which allows students to collaborate in break-out rooms, give them a board and tell them to create a poster on the topic you’re working with. You can easily use it for Modals of Obligation.

4. If you are good at visual note-taking, sketchnoting, it can also be a lifesaver.

5. If you are working on a reading text, you can upload the text as an image and ask students to interpret certain lines, paragraphs etc.

6. Jamboard can also be used as a digital portfolio.

7. You can use it to collaborate with different classes from different schools.

8. You can use Jamboard as KWL Charts. Set page 1 for What I Know and when students enter the class as what they already know about the topic. Set the 2nd page for what I want to know about this topic and ask students to write their ideas. Then after watching video or reading a text students can go to the 3rd page and add sticky notes about what they’ve learnt.

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4 comments on “Jamming In The Virtual Classroom
  1. Updating my blogroll, so just a quick comment to say thanks for still keeping it going after all these years when so many other bloggers have fallen by the wayside!

  2. Hello, I love the third image that shows the basics of Jamboard. I’m leading a class for teachers and would like permission to use your image. I will give you credit for it and link back to this page on your site in my presentation. Would that be okay with you?

    Thank you,
    Michelle TG

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