Quizizz is a free online tool to create games for your classroom. It enables the teacher to conduct student-paced formative assessments. It is almost similar to all the other Web 2.0 tools. First sign up, then start creating your quiz. Once you create the Quizizz, you can assign it as homework or host it to be played in the class. Contrary to other similar tools, with Quizizz the students are in competition but they are also on their own pace. You follow their progress from the screen, they see the questions on their devices. The questions appear on each device randomly so the students can’t cheat from each other. It is as enjoyable as Kahoot and much more engaging than Socrative. The tool is also a learning opportunity. When the students answer the questions correctly, they get more chances to retry the questions that they couldn’t answer. You can see the students’ scores and give feedback to the most difficult questions.

You can Use Teleport to mix and match questions from other teachers’ quizzes and you can share Quizizz via Google Classroom. It also has an App so you can easily create your games on your phone.

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