A Creative Exercise With A Letter In A Class Time

Assign a student to stop you. Start counting the alphabet silently. When the student stops, you write the last letter on the board. Tell them they will write a word beginning with that letter. Once they’ve written their word, tell them they will continue adding new words starting with the second letter of each word. Write your example on the board if you like. For example, If the letter was ‘S’, I’d jot down a list like the one below.
Then set time limit. When they finish their list, ask them to exchange their lists with their friends. Then tell them that they will write a short story using the words on the list.
When they finish their stories, give the story to another student to prepare a visual for the it. It can be a poster for the story, a book cover, a scene from the story, , the comic version of it, or a word poster. Then put the stories and the visuals on the walls and tell them to read and reflect on them.

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