End of Year Activities

Yes, another school year is about to end and here you can find a few ideas how to finish it.
Give each student a paper plate and tape it to their backs. Tell students to start to walk around the room and write positive things about each other on the paper plates. Don’t forget to write on your students’ paper plates too.

Tell them to write Thank you Notes to each other.
Here is a song lesson based on the song ‘Thank You’

Start a Twitter chat on the wall with a hashtag like #Endofyearchat. Prepare a Twitter background, put it on the wall and ask them to write their feedbacks in 280 characters.

Play Lyric Race.

Give post-it notes or some colourful paper and get 3-2-1 feedbacks. You can ask the students to write 3 things they have learned well, 2 things they will revise, 1 thing they want to do next year. You can ask them to write 3 movies /series they will definitely watch in summer, 2 books they will read, 1 place they will go. Or anything you’d like to mention.

Ask them to write a survivor guide for the next year’s students. What they should do, how they should study, what they shouldn’t do, etc.

Ask them to list their favourites, first individually, then in pairs, then as a group and create a poster with what they have come up with.

You can find some cool ideas here.

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