I’m not a fan of doing Valentine’s Day activities in the class but this year I’m planning to do a song lesson. Next week is the first week of the second term in Turkey so this may also be good to break the ice.

I’ve been playing with BiteSlide for some time. Here is what I’ve prepared for the class.

What I will do with the song is …

We will watch the slideshow I created on animoto. I also uploaded the movie on the BiteSlide. Then I’ll ask students to write their song using the words. Before listening to the song. I’m planning to ask them which song it is. They might not know it but I’m sure you can guess it.

hint: I’ll focus on prepositions


3 thoughts on “Can you guess the song?

  1. I couldn´t guess the song but I really want to know it and to learn more ways to motivate my students singing in class. I strongly believe in the power of the music!!!

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