IATEFL Chronicles, Year Two, 1st day of the conference

My 3rd day in Scotland

Today was the 1st day of the conference and I started this year’s adventure with Weronika Salandyk’s session called ‘Fun with Flashcards’. Weronika is a friend whom I met from IATEFL Brighton and last year she made me admire her because of her passion and enthusiasm to teaching.

Well, what can you do with flashcards? Just so simple tools in today’s digitally manipulated world,aren’t they? Yet, Weronika showed how they can be used creatively and can be fun with young learners. All the activities she planned were aimed for young learners but they are easily adaptable for teenagers.

I want to share some of her activities.

Speak as if…

  • Introduce new materials by showing flashcards
  • Ask them to repeat the words
  • Then challenge the kids to say the words as if they were eating hot soup or chewing bubble gum or sitting at the dentist’s chair with their mouths wide open.

She used pictures as prompts and whenever she pointed at a picture prompt and showed a flashcard, we just shouted the word as if we were …

It was real fun!

Hot and Cold

A classic that I’m sure all we played when we were at kindergarten. Here is how she uses it with her young learners.

  • Choose a student to leave the classroom.
  • Decide where to hide the flashcard
  • Ask the student to come back to the class.
  • Everyone directs him/her towards the hidden flashcard shouting the word louder and faster if the student is close to it or slowly and quietly is he/she is far away.




If you were at her session you were lucky. If you missed, make sure attend a session of her at another conference if she is presenting.

The second session I’d like to share with you was another inspirational one. Claire Hunter explained us how she use TED talks with her adult learners at all levels. The talk was called ‘Inspiration with TED’ and as I mentioned above it was a very inspirational talk and very fruitful.

She uses TED talks to practice reading, listening, speaking and writing.

One of the activities was called second hand presentation.

One students listens the talk, takes notes and reports it to his/her friend

The other student has to prepare a presentation from what she/he heard.

For lower level students she prepares summary questions and students write their summaries after watching the talks.

She also told about the projects she assigned. The students watch the Ted talk, work on it then prepare his own presentation.

It was a highly practical and useful sessions and I’m glad I had stayed and listened to her because my heart was telling me to go to the hotel and rest but my brain insisted on attending the session. In the end my brain won but as I was very tired I found myself in my room instead of partying with #ELTchatters




IATEFL Chronicles, Year 2

Day 1


I spent the weirdest night/morning on Saturday. I couldn’t even sleep before a long journey. When I was checking my handouts, my talk and all the other necessary papers, I realised that there was a mistake on the ticket. We, I don’t know how, but somehow booked the March 18th flight to Glasgow.

I remember talking about a free day to go to Edinburgh but then I gave up and decided to spend the Sunday with the kids. Obviously we misunderstood each other and until that night I knew I’d flight on Monday.

I didn’t even have an accommodation for Sunday night!

The flight was OK until Heathrow. When landed, my mobile didn’t accept the password and locked itself, telling that it was not correct! Getting used to these gadgets made our lives difficult. Knowing that I wouldn’t be connected for sometime was stressful. Then I called the operator and I had one new password but it was difficult to notice the public phones in Heathrow and when I discovered one in a smooth corner, I saw there are many in the seating areas.

The last thing on the journey was the delay of the Glasgow flight because of a cello. Luckily I managed to stay at the same hotel where I booked.

I hadn’t booked a PCE so I planned my trip to Edinburgh for Monday morning.

As I teacher who believes the power of storytelling it was gtreat to discover such a thing in a city.

It was a cold and windy day but I loved the city very much. I just had a walk around the old part of the city then came back to the hotel and headed to meet the friends at the reception.

Monday evening’s event was the karaoke and it was a great ice-breaker. We enjoyed ourselves very much.

When I arrived at my room, I even watched some interviews on IATEFL online. I watched Sirin Soyoz, one of the hardworking BC team and Adam Simpson, this year’s blogathon winner and Adam has great advice for those who are planning to participate to next year’s blogathon ( I do hope and wish, it will continue)


And now I’m getting ready for a four-day long, action-packed (as Janet wrote yesterday) conference. I’m hoping t find some useful ideas, confirm myself that what I’m doing in the classroom is right and meet old friends, new friends and also a little bit sightseeing.

You can follow IATEFL online from here or on twitter you can use #IATEFL for your searches.

Stay tuned I’ll continue…