A Pre-reading Task

With my year 10 students we will start reading Jamaica Inn (level 5) and as a pre-reading task I prepared the glog and at the lab they researched and answered the questions.

They are very curious about the story now and they are looking forward to reading it.

I’d like to hear your ideas for while reading activities and if any of your classes are reading it, we can also start a short term project together.

6 comments on “A Pre-reading Task
  1. Brilliant post, Eva!
    I really like the idea of using Glogster with students and this one is really cool.
    I can imagine they are curious now!
    If they enjoyed this Glog, you could ask them to prepare their own glogs (in groups, one group could prepare a summary of one chapter for example and then you would have a whole book in glogs) 🙂

    Would love to hear more about your projects with Jamaica Inn.


  2. Dear Eva,

    I have just started using glogster myself. I applied for (and got) the educators glogster account and I was sent a list of first time log-on addresses for my kids. I am not totally sure of how everything works though. What are your experiences with kids using glogster for projects? I get the feeling that this tool will be loved especially by the girls. What do you think?

    xoxo CoffeeAddict

    PS! C u soon… 😉

  3. Dear Karin,
    I got the edu account with my students but sometimes I can’t embed them.
    We have been using it for everything and they LOVE it. Don’t worry boys create wonderful glogs too. You can check the celebr8uandme wiki above and see what they have created. You can also look at my class blogs.
    It is wonderful because you can upload images, give links, upload videos, music and add text. It is also great for presentations instead of power point and you can assign hw giving links. Check the glogs here http://evasimkesyan.edublogs.org/?s=glogster
    and also Arjana Biazic’s glogster project http://greetingsfromtheworld.wikispaces.com/ and you can also join the project with you students
    C U soon;)

  4. Dear Eva,
    I love this glog thing! It seems to be very interesting. I will try to use it in my Grade 8 classes soon. I will definetely recommend my students to use it for their projects as well.
    Thank you for sharing.

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