World Poetry Day




Am I too late?

Just found this poem ‘The colour of my dreams’ by Peter Dixon while searching for something else in my files and I thought it would be lovely to take it to staff room to think once again on success rates, even to the classroom to make students realise there are different types of learners and the ones they are bullying without realising have a wonderful world in their dreams.
Then I found the song of the poem.  I have no classes today but will think what I can do with it in the classroom.

Here is  a part from the  poem:

The Colour of my Dreams

I’m really a rotten reader

The worst in all the class,

The sort of rotten reader

That makes you want to laugh


I play my world of make-believe

I play it every day

but people stand and watch me

but don’t know what to say.


They give me diagnostic tests

they try out reading schemes,

but none of them will ever know

the colour of my dreams.

 by Peter Dixon

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5 comments on “World Poetry Day
  1. Maybe you could get the student’s to make poems about their own dreams or this poem could be a useful segway into a class/exercise about dreams.

    Best regards, Jon.

  2. This is such a great idea! I have been running a poetry club at school and have been looking for template poems/songs I can use with my students. I’ d like to give it a try, if that’s OK with you!
    Thank you so much for the idea!

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