I guess you all know that I love using songs in lessons. This week I’ll teach giving advice, talking about regrets. The target language is the modals for that.

I decided to start with a song. When I prepare I will also share but after I tweeted ‘Dear PLN, can u suggest me a song 4 teach giving advice or criticism, can’t remember any., looking for though, pls RT’. My PLN came up with lots of great ideas. In order not to lose them I creaded a google spread sheet and I’m adding it here too.

If you used a song in the class for any grammar topic, can you please add it to the spread sheet.

And here I’m adding some of my bookmarks:
A document from

Teaching grammar through songs and rhymes:

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10 thoughts on “Songs to teach grammar

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Teaching grammar through songs is a great idea, a great warmer and the students really enjoy it. I use songs a lot in my class. I’ve added some to the list that might be useful. 🙂

    1. Thank you Maria, I hope the spread sheet will be kind of a bank. Thanks for adding the songs.

  2. Great idea to use the Google spreadsheet. One thing, I love Bobby McFerrin’s music so much, that I hope everyone makes the correction in the song Don’t worry, be happy from Eddie to Bobby.

    I plan to share this with my TKT preparation course. Thanks for a great post. Ellen

  3. Great info! And the spreadsheet is a very good idea. I’ll give any feedback on any new songs that I find for my lessons! Thanks!

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