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What does ‘being a teacher’ stand for?

Does it only mean a person who teaches?

A person who teaches what?

Is it that important to teach maths, science, English,etc?

When do we lose the kids?

Do they all want to start school and learn immediately what he they have been taught?

What will happen to that poor child while he is crying after his parents if kindergarten teacher doesn’t even notice his feelings?

Or if she just grabs the kid from the parent and add him to the flock?

What will happen to the kid who is not analytic but is more scattered?

Will he be called too slow? Hyperactive?

Who will erase those labels later?

Who will change?

Who will help ?

What will happen to the kids until a hero arrives to save?

Can’t we just start to make them all love the school?

Can’t we all just start to teach them not to bully each other?

Can’t we all just start leaving all our prejudices of a brilliant student?

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