To use or not to use course books




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Everyday we come across with a tweet on whether coursebooks are evil or not. We even eltchatted about it.

As an EFl teacher, I love ‘EFL course books’ and most of my colleagues who are not teaching English are jealous of us beacuse our course books are full of ideas, resources, extra materials and even tests. They are jealous of us because they can’t even find quality seminars, workshops, conferences for their professional development.

Think about the days when we didn’t have internet, they were great life savers.

Think about the days we didn’t have numerous course books, the well-written ones were like treasure.

If you are an inexperienced teacher, and you don’t have anybody in the staffroom to take advice, if you’re not using social media to build a PLN then the course book will be a great help for you.Not all the coursebooks have tremendous guidance for teachers; however, you will find ways (as Marisa Constantinides suggested) to ‘animate’ your coursebook using many other resources.

After spending 20 and more years teaching English, I want more initiative in my classes. If I have to use a coursebook, sure I’ll use it. However, in my class I can choose to animate it the way I like.

On the other hand, I’d prefer to create my own materials. We, the teachers of 21st century, are lucky now. We have loads of resources and they are even more than we need and sometimes it can be difficult to choose from them.

I remember my English teacher, while using Streamline and Kernel series, she was very happy to have them.

Today, I’m happy to have a PLN, internet, social media, web 2.0 tools and books, albums, CDs, films with subtitles, videos and more.

All of these exist to help me teach better, to help motivate my kids, to find something that appeals to their tastes.