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Students listen to a piece of music. Preferably something in an other language or instrumental.

While listening, they just write the words that go with the melody.

After listening, ask what they have listed.

A student writes all the words on the board.

Then they write a paragraph with the words on the board. They can even write a story.

You can do the brainstorming in the class and assign the story as homework. Poetry Blender


Aim: to focus on structures using too and enough and the difference between them.

After teaching too and enough as a follow up I did the following activity. It was spontaneous, I wasn’t prepared for a better skeleton for the poem but they loved the idea.

Tell students to list the things their parents, teachers or elders say for about being too young or old enough.

Give examples :

Parents usually say you are old enough to take some responsibility. However, they also say you are too young to go out late.

Then write the skeleton poem on the board and say they will write a poem. They can even create their own poem with the same idea.

My parents say I’m too —-

but they want me to —–

They say I’m ———- enough —–

However, —-

I think I’m too ——

but too (possibly an opposite)

I believe I’m not ————— enough

However, I’m ———————– enough

And these are the —-

As a follow up you can ask them to prepare glogs or slideshows with their poems.

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