What I like is …

Today I started my lessons with a warm-up activity. It was fun and my students enjoyed writing sentences. Even the weakest ones were able to write great sentences.It was an idea I got from here .( just click on the words and phrases and see what happens)

Write a simple sentence on the board. We started with ‘I like coffee’ as I and some kids prefer it to tea.

Tell your students they will expand the sentence by adding a phrase or a word.

‘I like drinking coffee’

‘I like drinking strong coffee’

‘I like drinking strong coffee with chocolate.’

‘I like drinking strong coffee with a piece of chocolate cake.’

They will add a phrase or a word to the original simple sentence until you stop them.

While listening to their expanded sentences, I thought they could create bookrs or bubblers with them. I created one and enjoyed very much. Now I’m looking forward to seeing their expanded sentences with these cool tools.


What I like is … by Eva

3 comments on “What I like is …
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  2. Hi Eva,

    I love quick warmer activities like this =)

    They are such a great way to get your students thinking in/about English at the beginning or or part way through a lesson. Even though they’re fairly simple, and need little preparation, they can actually also be adapted easily as well.

    For example, you can:
    change the structure you look at with the students
    change the first form of the verb (and tackle those third person ‘s’ that give beginners such problems
    target different vocabulary

    I’ve done the reverse before – starting with a longer sentence and taking words away – and that worked quite well too =)


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