What I like is …

Today I started my lessons with a warm-up activity. It was fun and my students enjoyed writing sentences. Even the weakest ones were able to write great sentences.It was an idea I got from here .( just click on the words and phrases and see what happens)

Write a simple sentence on the board. We started with ‘I like coffee’ as I and some kids prefer it to tea.

Tell your students they will expand the sentence by adding a phrase or a word.

‘I like drinking coffee’

‘I like drinking strong coffee’

‘I like drinking strong coffee with chocolate.’

‘I like drinking strong coffee with a piece of chocolate cake.’

They will add a phrase or a word to the original simple sentence until you stop them.

While listening to their expanded sentences, I thought they could create bookrs or bubblers with them. I created one and enjoyed very much. Now I’m looking forward to seeing their expanded sentences with these cool tools.


What I like is … by Eva