Songs that represent me

I have got this idea from and adapted it to my class. In our new unit our vocabulary topic is MUSIC and I thought something similar to this one will help students to think and talk about their lives. I prepared a poster from glogster and wrote my three assignments on it. One of them was this:


 Choose 5 songs that represent or describe you.

Write why you’ve chosen these songs. saying just ‘I like it’ won’t be enough. You must give me a good reason.

Create a CD cover.

One week  later I recieved their CDs. It was amazing to see how well actually they eplained themselves.

I want to share some of them.

There is no song to explainme but I’m listening to these songs when I draw pictures. These songs are my inspirations. When I hear the lyrics or the rythm I fee different and I want to draw. (Alen)

For Killswitch Engage-This fire burns  It makes me ambitious and it burns my inner fire. (?) (Axel)

Pacebo – Where is my mind?   I’ve chosen this song because my mind is usually dreaming and I have a dreamer mind. My mind is flying.

Depeche Mode-Enjoy the silence  I’ve chosen this one because sometimes I find a room at home and enjoy the silence. Because words are meaningless and forgettable but silence always tells the truth.

Rihanna, Kanye West, Joy Z-Run this town  When I listen to this song I feel happy because I can understand everything about me. moreover, I can say this song is mine because of these lines.

Life is a game but it’s not fair

I break the rules so I don’t care

So I keep doing my own thing.


Actually, I’ve learned so many things from this little project

1. They can prepare it with glogster. They can both add the music and their thoughts there plus some pictures of the artists.

2. Now I have an idea who thinks what about life.

3. Some of my colleagues are still thinking about blogging and say theydon’t want to share their lesson plans or worksheets. If it’s written, somebody will see and use it. If we refuse collobration, we will miss the best part of teaching. We are all learning from each other and I think WEB is one of the best place for professional development.

4. I’ll also prepare the songs that describe me. I’m thinking about it.