Quick Fillers


 When the schools are about to finish, I tend to do more fun activities instead of grammar revisions. Some of these activities are from books, workshops, colleagues, TV programmes and some of them are adaptations.

Here I go:

1. Imagine and write.

Play some instrumental music.

Tell students to imagine a character and jot down the adjectives that describe that person.Set time limit. Then tell students to imagine a place which can go with the music as well and write short descriptive phrases or words until you stop music. Start the music and tell them to imagine the weather conditions and take some notes while listening. When they have all finished writing down their notes ask them to write a short story.

2. tick-tac-toe

Write the words on slips of papers and put in an envelope or a box. Team your students as Xs and Os. Draw a tic-tac-toe grid on the board and tell them to choose a number and take a piece of paper from the envelope. If they know the meaning of the word, cross the number with X or O. Continue until the words finish.

3. Best friends

 Tell students you are going to play a game to understand how well they know each other.

Pair best friends together and send a pair out of the class. The ones in the class will prepare questions to find out their friends likes dislikes, habits and routines. Choose a secretary to write the questions and answers. Then ask student A to come to class and answer questions for student B. Do the same with student B.

When they both finish, read their answers and let them see how well they know each other.

A Fun Filler

I think writing is very important because when you write you can improve yourself. Writing games are also great activities. Here is one  for you.


  • You can do it as a whole class activity if you have a small group. If you have more than 20 students may be you can do it as a group activity setting time limit.
  • Choose a secretary to note down all the words on the board.
  • Start with a word. Let’s say SCHOOL. (You can be more creative than me and find an other enjoyable one.)
  • The first student should say something that associates with SCHOOL.
  • You should continue until everyone says a word.
  • Then you can ask your students to write a story, an article or a dialogue using all the words written on the board.

May be I can adapt this for the first day of the activity to function as a motivator but I have to find a good starting word.